Chakana Wall Hanging - Small


Meaningful & Contemplative

The name of this piece has a special meaning. The Chakana, or “Andean Cross” can be seen in the middle of the wall hanging - a sacred symbol we saw countless times during our journey throughout South America.

It is a stepped cross, the four outer corners represent the four cardinal directions, & the three levels represent the Incan’s three levels of existence - Hana Pacha (the heavens, divine world of the gods, represented by the condor), Kay Pacha (the earth, the people, represented by the puma), & Uqha Pacha (the underworld inhabited by the ancestors, represented by the snake). The hole in the middle represents Cusco, the center of the Inca Empire, & the 12 sides represent the 12 Inca Festivals which coincide with 12 calendar months.

Our Chakana Wall Hangings are not only beautiful & sustainable, but can also serve as a focal point for centering meditation & education about ancient cultures.

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