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  1. : suggestive or characteristic of a place of residence or home

  2. : being something familiar with which a person is comfortable and at ease : comfortable and familiar like home

  3. : free from affectation : unaffectedly natural : simple



  1. : a domesticated mammal (Vicugna pacos synonym Lama pacos) especially of Peru that is probably descended from the vicuΓ±a

  2. : the cutest, kindest, most versatile mammal you’ll ever meet which produces the highest quality of natural fibers in the world

...ok maybe we made *some* of
that last one up.


We operate on three main beliefs:

We believe your home should be comfortable, cozy, & eco-friendly.

We believe everyone deserves to live within a beautiful aesthetic that brings them joy.

We believe in using alpaca wool & other sustainable, natural fibers in our handmade textiles to help get you there.

Natural Dyed Alpaca Wool

In our travels throughout South America & especially our time spent in Peru, we learned about the quality, versatility, & benefits of using Alpaca fibers in clothing, blankets & other decor.


We discovered the low environmental impact these incredible animals have on our world, and the overall benefits of using natural fibers and dyes over synthetics.


We saw an opportunity to provide unique, sustainable decor to the global-minded, minimalist loving, boho chic citizens who love the planet & want to give back (stylishly).



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